The absolute best first steps for becoming a child photographer.

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Have you put thought into becoming a child photographer? Maybe you have already been doing photography but are thinking of honing your niche and choosing child portrait photography. Being a child photographer has its amazing perks and excitements. I will share with you the absolute best first steps to become a child photographer.

You want to become an expert child photographer!


To specialize in one type of photography is a great way to gain clients and a strong brand. Creating a strong brand is very important to becoming a child photographer. If you specialize in all types of photography how will clients find you? Example, when you search for a doctor for your children do you chose a doctor who sees all types of people or would you rather select and search for a pediatric doctor, who specializes in children only? When you chose the niche of child photography you become a statement to your clients, you are an expert in what you do because that is ALL you do!

Create a beautiful client experience.


Nowadays photographers of all genres can’t create a wonderful client experience. Many who are shooting every type of photography don’t have the time to connect on a deeper level with their clients. One of the most important things of becoming a child photographer is to create a wonderful seamless client experience. Parents are busy creatures and tend to not have a lot of extra time on their hands. Most parents are afraid of how their child will behave for a session. Once you gain confidence in your client by showing them you are an expert your clients will trust you and enjoy every moment of their experience.

Kayla a child photographer

Study marketing and know your ins and outs.


Unfortunately becoming a child photographer isn’t all about the portraits you can take. It is MOSTLY, yes you heard correctly MOSTLY about how you market to your ideal client and where you can find your clients. Without clients you will not be able to sustain a business. This is where the work comes in, many think you can just place an ad on Facebook and bam, clients for days. No sorry it doesn’t work like that, and yes, I had to figure that out the hard way. No one ever told me that marketing and knowing how to run a business was going to be the most important part of being a photographer. You can take 1 million excellent photos and still not have a client to book you. It is all about marketing and I suggest before becoming a child photographer this is the most important step of the process. It won’t be free; you’ll need to pay for an education to further be success full and to create a wonderful brand for yourself as a child photographer. Follow me on Facebook for tutorials on becoming a child photographer.


We had the pleasure of working with Kayla for my son's one year cake smash photoshoot... the time she took to make sure every detail of my vision came true... and the talent and creativity she put into editing is hard to beat. We love every SINGLE photo it's too hard to choose just one.... Total professional, amazing product... would make drive all the way to Fayetteville again


child in gown for child photography session

Amazing photographer and photos were beautiful. My daughter felt like a princess. I would highly recommend for a photographer. She was very professional and we had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Kayla!

Colleen & Robert


My daughter had the opportunity to work with Kayla and the traveling dress! Sha had so much fun. She did not stop talking about her "photo shoot" for days and could not wait to tell her friends and teachers. Kayla did an amazing job and the photos came out bsolutely stunning! I highly recommend Kayla for your photography needs! 


Children on the porch

I absolutely loved watching Kayla so easily work with our four children and many animals! She captured our kids’ personalities so beautifully and managed the animals so easily, and that’s saying something when there’s a chicken, puppy, and two horses involved! The final prints are gorgeous; they half people in their tracks when they see the portraits on the walls. I highly recommend Kayla’s work.