Creative child portraits: how to

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Creating creative child portraits is so important to me. Being a child portrait photographer, I want my work to stand out in an oversaturated photography market. I will give tips on how I create and capture creative child portraits.

Setting myself apart with creative child portraits.


As with many “artistic trades” there are what I would call “plenty fish in the sea”. I must be able to set myself apart. I chose how to do that by specializing in creative child portraits. Creativity and photography obviously go hand in hand. That’s just a given.


Time to get creative!


When I am thinking of creative portraits, I sometimes will channel my energy and creativeness by listening to music. Music tends to put me in the zone to really get creative! A lot of the time when I am editing portrait sessions I will be listening to music. It has a way of really setting the creative zone for me! Everyone has their own way of “setting the tone” for creativity. What’s yours?


Get to know the subject when you want to be creative with child portraits.


For child portraits it is so important to get to know your subject. Since I am a child portrait photographer, I am very familiar with things a child adorns. Many ranges of ages are interested in different things. Babies and toddlers are not into the same interests as pre-teens and teens.  I will incorporate age appropriate “prompts” for the child to participate in during our session together. I also make sure to ask mom and dad the child’s specific interests. If they enjoy certain types of activities or areas to explore.

creative fine art pot
creative lighting in child photography

Think of whimsical childhood things.


Thinking of all thing’s childhood related really helps me get creative.  Sometimes thinking of how our children see the world is how I create unique pieces of art. When I am photographing children, I want to tell a story. Telling a story gives so much more to the portrait than any prop and background could ever do!

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We had the pleasure of working with Kayla for my son's one year cake smash photoshoot... the time she took to make sure every detail of my vision came true... and the talent and creativity she put into editing is hard to beat. We love every SINGLE photo it's too hard to choose just one.... Total professional, amazing product... would make drive all the way to Fayetteville again


child in gown for child photography session

Amazing photographer and photos were beautiful. My daughter felt like a princess. I would highly recommend for a photographer. She was very professional and we had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Kayla!

Colleen & Robert


My daughter had the opportunity to work with Kayla and the traveling dress! Sha had so much fun. She did not stop talking about her "photo shoot" for days and could not wait to tell her friends and teachers. Kayla did an amazing job and the photos came out bsolutely stunning! I highly recommend Kayla for your photography needs! 


Children on the porch

I absolutely loved watching Kayla so easily work with our four children and many animals! She captured our kids’ personalities so beautifully and managed the animals so easily, and that’s saying something when there’s a chicken, puppy, and two horses involved! The final prints are gorgeous; they half people in their tracks when they see the portraits on the walls. I highly recommend Kayla’s work.