The difference between outdoor and studio child photography.

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Each type of child photography session is different. Being a child photographer each one is fun and unique! Let’s talk about the differences between studio child photography and outdoor sessions. You will better be able to decide if you would want to book a studio session or an outdoor session. Depending on what you are wanting out of your session this will better help you decide which type of session to book.

Studio child photography, why is it different?


Booking a studio session with me can be a great choice for those who think your child may be too distracted with outdoor activities. Let’s face it not all children have much of an attention span to be outdoor and listen to guidance of an absolute stranger. With a studio session we can make it interesting. It doesn’t have to be “sit in front of the camera” and get those posed shots, although I can do that if you’d like. I’d much rather tell a story in my fine art portraits. It really doesn’t even have to be in studio it can be in your home, there are many unique options in almost everyone’s home.

Studio/indoor sessions can be intriguing and fun.


We can use so many day-to-day types of things for an indoor session. Some of my favorite child portraits I have shot have been indoors and include using windows, children’s curiosities of the outdoors can spike some great portrait opportunities. Another type would be playing with candlelight or flashlight lighting. I can create a beautiful story during that type of session. We can create a great portrait that shows a story, and it doesn’t have to be boring!

creative lighting in child photography

Outdoor Child photography and what it consists of.


When you book your session, we can also select an outdoor location. This is my favorite, the lighting and everything can be so much more manipulated.  We can tell so many childhood stories in so many ways. We can go fishing, play in a creek, visit a train station, gallop through fields, capture amazing skies, and so much more! It all depends on what type of wall art you want in your home.

child on beach portrait

Conclusion on the differences.


In many ways each session is the same. Any type of child portrait session with me we will capture your child’s personality and story! It all depends on if you are wanting to capture outdoor elements into your portrait or not. If you are looking for a warm comfortable space that our children are use to, then maybe an in home/studio session would be the better choice. Whichever you chose, I am an expert in both so feel confident and comfortable when choosing me as your child portrait photographer. Follow me on Facebook for ideas of sessions!




We had the pleasure of working with Kayla for my son's one year cake smash photoshoot... the time she took to make sure every detail of my vision came true... and the talent and creativity she put into editing is hard to beat. We love every SINGLE photo it's too hard to choose just one.... Total professional, amazing product... would make drive all the way to Fayetteville again


child in gown for child photography session

Amazing photographer and photos were beautiful. My daughter felt like a princess. I would highly recommend for a photographer. She was very professional and we had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Kayla!

Colleen & Robert


My daughter had the opportunity to work with Kayla and the traveling dress! Sha had so much fun. She did not stop talking about her "photo shoot" for days and could not wait to tell her friends and teachers. Kayla did an amazing job and the photos came out bsolutely stunning! I highly recommend Kayla for your photography needs! 


Children on the porch

I absolutely loved watching Kayla so easily work with our four children and many animals! She captured our kids’ personalities so beautifully and managed the animals so easily, and that’s saying something when there’s a chicken, puppy, and two horses involved! The final prints are gorgeous; they half people in their tracks when they see the portraits on the walls. I highly recommend Kayla’s work.