My MUST HAVE list of professional fine art photography equipment

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Fine Art Photography | 0 comments

Professional fine art photography equipment can be expensive, but some are must to have! I am going to list out my most important items in my arsenal of equipment.

They say it is all about the lens for professional fine art photography equipment

The Lens

The most important piece of equipment is my portrait lens. If you are looking to invest in your business, this is where I would start! A great piece of glass will go a long way, especially if you take care of it! My go to lens is my sigma art 135mm 1.8. This lens is my work horse. It helps me to create the surreal creamy bokeh that I absolutely love. In my child fine art portraits, I mostly use this lens! It helps me to keep my distance from the child and let them play while I capture them. The focus is so sharp, it knocks any lens I’ve ever used out of the water. If you are wanting to add one thing to your list of professional fine art photography equipment this would be my TOP suggestion!


Full Frame Camera

My second favorite piece of equipment is my professional full frame camera. When I started my photography journey, I was using a Nikon D3400. I quickly realized the difference between the crop sensor and the full frame. I did my research and purchased my first full frame camera and never looked back! My first professional camera was the Nikon D600, and my most recent I have upgraded to the Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera.

sigma 135 lens fine art photography equipment

A great computer for fine art photography equipment

A lot of us forget about this part! A great computer is SO important. Many photographers use photoshop. Photoshop is a bit of a learning curve but once you have it down it is one hell of a powerful tool! A great computer is another top piece for my arsenal of professional fine art photography equipment! The basic specs I looked at when choosing a computer was at least 16BG of ram, 1TB of SSD or hard drive along with a great graphics card. You can chose between a laptop or a desktop that will be more of a personal preference.

hp omen gaming laptop fine art photography equipment

It’s not just in the actual electronics for fine art photography equipment


A great camera bag

Having a great camera bag for my equipment is very important. You spend all this money on great equipment you must keep it safe. Since I travel all over outdoor locations shooting sessions, I want something that is hardy and easily accessible. My camera bag goes on my back like a backpack and has dividers to keep the equipment safe.  There are many great camera bags out there , some even stylish so choose wisely.


We had the pleasure of working with Kayla for my son's one year cake smash photoshoot... the time she took to make sure every detail of my vision came true... and the talent and creativity she put into editing is hard to beat. We love every SINGLE photo it's too hard to choose just one.... Total professional, amazing product... would make drive all the way to Fayetteville again


child in gown for child photography session

Amazing photographer and photos were beautiful. My daughter felt like a princess. I would highly recommend for a photographer. She was very professional and we had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Kayla!

Colleen & Robert


My daughter had the opportunity to work with Kayla and the traveling dress! Sha had so much fun. She did not stop talking about her "photo shoot" for days and could not wait to tell her friends and teachers. Kayla did an amazing job and the photos came out bsolutely stunning! I highly recommend Kayla for your photography needs! 


Children on the porch

I absolutely loved watching Kayla so easily work with our four children and many animals! She captured our kids’ personalities so beautifully and managed the animals so easily, and that’s saying something when there’s a chicken, puppy, and two horses involved! The final prints are gorgeous; they half people in their tracks when they see the portraits on the walls. I highly recommend Kayla’s work.